Windows 10 First Impressions

Jody Whitlock

Ok, no snappy title this time, just my straight forward thoughts about Microsoft’s “Last OS” as they said.  Now this is going to be using the latest Insider Preview so nothing’s set in stone yet. 

Ok, so to start off with lets talk about the changes. The Modern UI has been moved into Tablet Mode, with is nice if you’re running a desktop or laptop because you have a real start menu again. This change makes perfect sense because Modern UI is perfect for tablet and mobile devices, not so much for others. 

What’s nifty is the OS can detect the transformer machines and when they go into tablet mode. Very handy indeed. With this change, Modern UI apps now run windowed on the Desktop when not in Tablet Mode. Perfect!

One change that bugs me is the new icon sets that Microsoft chose; they look like kid drawings.  Honestly I’m not sure that we can take the OS seriously with the icons but you can’t say they’re not distinctive. 

So one complaint I have is that when using a third party security suite such as AVG Premium, Windows Defender is shut off. This is great except for by default it will complain the entire time that it’s been turned off. Here’s how to address that in both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

Open Task Manager, then select the Startup tab. If you don’t see that, you need to click on More Details in the lower left of the Task manager window.

Now, on the Startup tab, simply click Windows Defender, then click Disable in the lower right of the screen. Violla!

Aside from that the performance is lackluster at best. Now I don’t have a power horse machine but Windows 8.1 runs very fast is my Dual-Core i3 1.4Ghz, 16 GB RAM, and 1TB SSD laptop. In comparison, Windows 10 is slow, which is disappointing because one of the early claims is that Windows 10 will use less resources. What I found is simply clicking on the Start Menu pegged out the CPU, which precludes multi-tasking actions. I hope this is just a bug in the preview that doesn’t carry through to GA.