Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road…

Jody Whitlock

At Build 2016 Microsoft announced that Xamarin is now available for free for every Visual Studio user including the free Community Edition. In addition, Xamarin is also being moved to Open Source alongside the .Net Framework. So what does this mean?

In short, you can develop applications in C# and run them on iOS, Android, Mac OSX, and Windows with a single code-base. This means that the only variation between the platforms is the UI and the look, but the back-end code can be built into a library once and referenced by applications for the other platforms. This is huge because developers don’t have to work to create and maintain multiple code-bases for different platforms and have disparate release schedules of the same app on multiple platforms.

I anticipate that very soon the .Net framework will be running native on Linux meaning anything C# based, including Powershell, will become platform agnostic and the next revolution of computing will truly begin.